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Greetings from Board President of KFID

I am Young Boo Han, who was appointed as the third board president.

We, Korea Institute for the Family of the Developmentally Disabled(KIFD), founded in 2005, have carried out the policy research for protecting and promoting rights of persons with developmental disabilities and their families and went ahead with the academy in order to secure rights of the developmentally disabled by raising understanding of their self-determination and sensitivity of human rights. The institute got the profiling project under way and have worked on the family camp for parents with the developmentally disabled children to learn role and be empowered. We also made steady and persistent effort to improve rights of persons with developmental disabilities, promote understanding of disability and know their sexual rights through self-advocacy program, sex education class and educational puppet troupe 'Good Friends'.

There is increasing awareness of the developmentally disabled in our society through proposing law for supporting persons with developmental disabilities and securing their rights as well as introducing adult guardian system since enactment of Disability Discrimination Act.

My hope is that our Institute will become a guide that leads this trend of society and do our best until the day when disability is recognized as difference, all members including the disabled in the family are valued, each member's self-determination is respected and the developmentally disabled become an independent person.
Thank you.

Young Boo Han, Board President of KFID