About Gena Pride
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Educational Projects

We conduct educational projects so that the developmentally disabled can respect their rights and responsibility and look back at themselves.

  • Self-efficacy Programs
    We help the developmentally disabled teenagers and adults to enhance their self-esteem, self-awareness and self-control in the specific way so that they can improve their ability to figure out any problems with their daily life, conflict with others, ending up with their successful self-reliance and integration in community.

  • Sex Education
    We help them to acquire their respected sexual rights and desirable sexual activities and develop "Programs for Preventing Sexual Violence for the Developmentally Disabled", with education and consulting proper for them.

  • Jena Academy - "Story-telling Academy for the Developmentally Disabled"
    We find our the developmentally disabled who are interested in the puppet show and train them in order to lead them to the way to professional puppet show performers.

  • Educational Projects of Human Rights for the Developmentally Disabled, "Looking back at My Own Human Rights"
    We conduct the education of human rights for the teenagers, and adults with the develompental disabilities, help them recognize their presence of being with the rights, and cultivate their spirit of human rights.